Website Care Plan

Website's are a constantly updating software. We provide proactive, done-for-you maintenance to protect your contact form lead flow.

Website Care Plan2023-04-04T12:05:28-06:00
  • Great all around experience working with Ben. Great quality of work and customer service. Highly recommend!

    Pasta Fresca Avatar Pasta Fresca
    April 18, 2022

    Ben really helped us out in getting our website up and running. He was always very quick to respond when ever we had questions, and working within our budget the website turned out great. Highly recommend.

    William DeWitt Avatar William DeWitt
    March 18, 2022

    Ben was extremely helpful and gave lots of great suggestions. We had a tight schedule for our website but Ben was still able to deliver great results within that timeframe. He accommodated all of our changes to the site and handled everything very professionally. Thank you Ben!

    Sophie Zhang Avatar Sophie Zhang
    November 18, 2021
  • Thanks for the hosting, backups and website solution. Everything we needed without any hassles.

    Regina Radon Avatar Regina Radon
    July 18, 2021

    Ben is very professional in his approach to customers. Highly recommend!

    Greg Bysiec Avatar Greg Bysiec
    July 18, 2021

    Ben at Right Design has been enthusiastic and helpful, he is extremely knowledgeable, and professional, while still being personable. Ben's high standards are reflected in his work.

    Jeremy Leavitt Avatar Jeremy Leavitt
    July 18, 2021
  • Its a pleasure working with Ben. always there to answer questions and solve anything that come up. Highly recommended!! Greg Letkemann Trophy Book Outfitters

    Greg Letkemann Avatar Greg Letkemann
    July 18, 2021

    Ben is very pleasant and professional to work with. Definitely recommend to people I know. Khoa from HGB Stone.

    Khoa Tran Avatar Khoa Tran
    July 18, 2021

Safeguard Your Web Sales Platform

Backup, secure, monitor, & update. This is how we maintain and protect your company’s #1 salesperson (your website).

benefits of doing A Web Care Plan

Once your website is launched, it’s time to perform the regular oil changes it needs. By letting our team manage your website’s maintenance, you are gaining peace of mind.

The benefits of a web care plan for your company are the following:

  • Less downtime results in a higher ROI
  • Daily backups give you peace of mind (and more importantly, the ability to restore your website)
  • Minimize security threats by keeping your code up to date (plugins, themes, WordPress)
  • Increase you margins by having us properly maintain your revenue-generating plugins (contact form)

Level 1 Care Plan

  • Backups – Offsite retention for 30 days
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring
  • Security threat detection
  • Monthly plugin updates
  • WordPress updates
  • Vulnerability alerts

Level 2 Care Plan

  • Backups – Offsite retention for 30 days
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring
  • Security threat detection
  • Monthly plugin updates
  • WordPress updates
  • Vulnerability alerts
  • Regularly performed speed tests
  • One content update (blog post, service write-up)

Commonly Asked Questions About Web Care Plans…

How are you protecting my website?2022-07-14T22:12:48-06:00

Here are the ways we protect your website:

  1. We backup your files and database
  2. We check every 5 minutes to see if your website is online — and if it isn’t, we work tirelessly to get it back online
  3. We update your website’s software, so there are fewer weaknesses for bad actors to exploit
  4. We scan your website for vulnerabilities, and aim to patch your site shortly thereafter

On top of this, if you go with our web hosting, we can install an SSL certificate and block spam for you too!

How do I know if I should get a web care plan (or not)?2022-07-14T22:08:09-06:00

These are the factors that will guide your decision:

  1. How many pages is the website? If you answered less than five pages, then chances are you do not need a web care plan. A simple website can be updated every now and then, just contact us. However if you have 5 pages or more, it is strongly suggested you sign your website up to a care plan.
  2. How important are leads to our company? If you answered very important, then you should enroll your website in a care plan. Protect your lead flow by keeping your website constantly up to date and secure.
  3. Can I afford to invest $80/mo? If you answered yes, then you should consider taking full advantage of our web care plans for your website.
What kind of monthly updates are you doing to my website?2022-07-14T22:03:54-06:00

Each month, we will update your

  • WordPress software
  • Theme software
  • Plugin software

That way, we ensure maximum functionality and health of your website — lose less sales, earn more revenue.

Do you do backups of my website for me?2022-07-14T21:54:24-06:00

Yes, we perform daily backups for 30 days. This ensures ample versions of your website are stored, and are ready to be restored.

How much does a website care plan cost?2022-07-13T08:33:57-06:00

$80/mo or $800/yr is the starting rate. Generally speaking, this service pays for itself because you will lose less leads from out-of-date contact forms, etc.


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